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Delivering a software solution...

Embark on your software implementation journey with Solidaster, where our passion for precision meets over a decade of experience in delivering successful projects.

From ERP systems to Xero add-ons, we've honed our skills to ensure your software implementation is seamless and stress-free.

Yes, we're a little nerdy, and we wear that badge proudly!

We thrive on the systematic approach to software installation, configuration, data migration, and process flow testing. Every step of the way, we're right there with you, ensuring every detail is meticulously handled.

When it comes to delivering a project, we offer two pathways.

If you're still in the consulting phase, we'll roll up our sleeves and scope out the perfect solution tailored to your needs.

But if you've already found a solution and just need a guiding hand to bring it to life, fear not – we're here for that too.

At Solidaster, we don't just deliver software solutions; we deliver peace of mind. Let us take the reins and turn your software dreams into reality.

Who do we work with?

Here are a few companies we've had the pleasure of working with, but don't hesitate to connect with us even if your needs differ.

We're always open to new collaborations!

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Manufacturing & Inventory

Project Management

Health & Safety Management Systems (HSMS)



Farm Management

Task Management