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What I do as a Business Process Expert.

As with many job descriptions, beneath the heading there is a lot of variation for example if you compare a job for an Office Manager, they all have the same title but what is expected of them varies dramatically.

I thought I would write this blog about what being a Business Process Expert (BPX) means to me and what I do, because like the Office Manager example, this could and does vary from person to person working in this space.

When I start working with your business, in the initial phase or the research phase, I will sit down with you, I will get to know you, get to know your business, what it does, who does what, what your growth plans are and so on.

Next, we will have a chat about what’s working well, what’s not working so well, what the current pain points are and what they might be in the future as you grow.

We’ll also talk about the existing processes and systems that are currently in action.

After this meeting, I will often arrange come to your business and get you to show me around the site, introduce me to your staff and I will just listen, observe, learn and ask questions.

I might ask for some follow up information in order to do a little bit of analysis if needed, or you may already have this done in which case I would ask you to share this information, if necessary.

After the researching is complete, I will go away and do some more research, then I will come back to you with some solutions and options that we will talk through.

Here I will highlight the areas of concern and propose solutions either by changing a process, implementing new software or a combination of the two, depending on the need.

I have a wealth of knowledge in software solutions and work as an Application Consultant, once we decide on a way forward, if new software is required, I will carry on the journey with you.

Now, change and new software are very scary things to some people, so I can be involved as much or as little through this phase as needed.

After a solution is agreed upon there may need to be a deep dive into your business to fully scope the solution, this may involve more site visits, meetings and questions so that an accurate roadmap can be created around what is going to be delivered and how.

That way everyone’s expectations are aligned and there are no surprises.

Something to note, software installs can be overwhelming and a drain on staff resource, so a phased approach is often best, starting with business critical all the way through to the nice to haves.

If required I can manage the implementation and any customisation of the software with my team, I’ll be involved in your training and will be there for follow up questions after the solution is delivered.

For me being a Business Process Expert is simply…

Research/Discovery + Delivery of a Solution + Support & Training