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Why Solidaster?

Good question...

First off, let me acknowledge that securing a business name with an available domain can be an incredibly challenging task!

Secondly, I have a firm stance against compromising correct spelling just to snag a domain. It simply doesn't sit well with me.

That being said, my choices were somewhat limited...

Solidasters, also known as Goldenrods, are flowers that hold a special place in my heart, primarily because they bloom in my favorite color – yellow.

Yellow signifies happiness, sunshine, and hope. With an inherently optimistic outlook, I resonate deeply with this color, and my aspiration is for that positivity to radiate through our interactions with clients.

Furthermore, the personalities of my team members align seamlessly with this optimistic perspective.

Solidaster's carry various symbolic meanings, including growth, encouragement, caution, good luck, fortune, and support – all of which intricately weave through the fabric of my business philosophy.

So that is why...